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On behalf of everyone at Sir Storia we want to welcome you to the community. My name is Sir Joel and I started Sir Storia. I started Sir Storia because I felt many people were missing the magic of history. I personally didn’t even truly appreciate history until I reached my mid-30s. I lived in New York City for almost a decade and never even enjoyed the amazing history it had until I had long left. Why was that? Is it because I was young and history is only interesting to those that are old? I don’t think so. I think part of the reason is because in the digital era our lives are moving so quickly that just as history passes us by so does the interest of knowing that history. This was the reason I started Sir Storia and why our motto is “history experienced”. Sir Storia is designed to get you off the video games and out into our beautiful world. Instead of Netflix and chill, let’s Sir Storia and chill. Maybe today we’re visiting old Mafia spots but Friday night you take your date to some very haunted locales for fun!

I have a master plan with Sir Storia. I’m playing the long game and have many ideas/tricks up my sleeve. One day at a time I always say. But the only way we can make history special is with you the community. I can make the features and tools but you the community are the life blood of Sir Storia.

Welcome and enjoy!

-Sir Joel

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  1. Joel, Great job on this website! I too have a passion for local history especially diving into the Massillon, Canton, Akron organized crime areas. I would be honored to contribute what I dig up.



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