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Sir Storia is a project fueled by passion, with our foremost objective being to chronicle all sites of historical significance in the contemporary world. Our mission is to illuminate modern history through physical locations accessible to the public. We believe in experiencing history firsthand, rather than solely learning about it through texts. The profound connection one feels when immersed in the narrative of historical figures and then standing in the very places where these events unfolded is unparalleled. Our aim is to enable such experiences. Imagine being on a road trip with your loved ones and receiving a notification about a nearby site, rich in historical relevance, that you would have otherwise missed. That’s the essence of what Sir Storia strives to offer.

As a fledgling entity, our team is exceptionally small, akin to a newborn venture. We are in the nascent stages of development and earnestly seek your support in expanding our database of locations. This growth is only possible through community contributions. In these initial phases, we are calling for global volunteers who will act as stewards and caretakers of for future generations. These pivotal contributors will not only add new locations but also moderate existing ones, thereby forming a core team that safeguards the integrity of our content.

If you have a penchant for history or mystery and enjoy sharing knowledge, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please reach out to us at sirstoria (at) We are committed to making this journey rewarding and inclusive, and we eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with enthusiasts like you in this exciting venture.

Sir Storia needs you!