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  • Bill Johnson

    Hello! I’m curious to know if you are aware or in possession of any actual first-hand documentation from the mid-18th century referring to the movement of the gold from Fort Duquesne. Obviously, the article from the 1875 is problematic for several reasons…three off the top of my head are the lack of mentioning a name of who the person was that provided this map and letter from his uncle, The year 1775 is mentioned at the beginning of the article which would be 20 years off the time period of Fort Duquesne and then just the separation of time between the 1870s and the 1750s. Thank you for any or all thoughts you have on this issue…I’m currently working on a video about the Great Trail and have been shooting video along the trail and trying to sort out various stories associated with the trail. Thanks again! Bill

    1. Sir Joel Listing Owner

      Bill these are great questions! I’m not sure anyone has the answers to at this time. I’ve always been fascinated with this story. I actually wanted to connect with some insiders in the Minerva area to hear there thoughts.

      Please share your opinions on the story. I’d love to hear!

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