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3 reviews
  • Wow…what are a scary place! Was there many years ago.

  • Vajrawave

    This whole area is ultra creepy. Something is massively off about the place. Supposedly the backwoods have heavy cult activity. TBH, Ive always heard there were cults operating out of Salem area. Don’t know any specific details, but I always found the town a bit off and creepy. It’d be fun to see you explore the downtown, and other nearby ‘country’ towns. Ohio is a major hub of human trafficking — I think columbus was number one for years. I’ve also heard the mahoning valley area to be a major hub as well. That’d be another interesting rabbit hole to see you do videos on…

  • Jan

    I’ was born and raised in Salem, Ohio all my life. I’ve heard the stories about the bridge off of Egypt Rd since I was a kid . My dad used to have to pull vehicles out of the creek when they ran off the road . That’s before they closed that part of the road off . Even as a kid when I went on wreaker calls with my dad there you could tell something was not right about that area and woods . It always felt like you were being watched. I remember one time my dad was helping someone out of their car that went in the creek . I was standing just off the side of the road on the other side of the bridge.An no one was in the wreaker at all . I heard the wreaker shift in to gear by itself I yelled at my dad the wreaker is moving by it drove into the side of the bridge before my dad could stop it . It scared the
    hell out of both us . After that whenever he had to go out there I never went with him to that road again.

    1. That is absolutely terrifying. I imagine your dad saw some very interesting things in his line of work. We’d love to hear more stories if you got them. Why would so many people go into the creek with their cars? Is there something about the road that makes people wreck into the creek?

      1. Jan

        Well this happened in the eighties before they closed that part of the road off . It used to be part of west pine lake road . The hill that on the part of the road closed off people use to call it Reese’s hill . Yes I myself find it scary and strange that so many people went off that part of the road into beaver creek . I know from read some of Dale Shaffer’s books on the history of Salem . That there were Native American’s in that area when the town was first settled . I don’t know if that has anything to do with the haunting there . Or if it is because of the cult activity that went on in the woods . But something is definitely way off about that area of the woods. I’m 44 years old an what happened out there still gives me the creeps till this day . It’s definitely a paranormal experience I won’t ever forget

        1. Jan

          That was the first paranormal experience l ever had on that road though I’ve had many other paranormal experiences since then none of them were as terrifying as that one . I haven’t been back there since not even as I got older I can say one thing though something definitely doesn’t want you there or near that bridge.

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